Corporate Value System


To further enhance our corporate strengths we have established a corporate mandate to maintain essential core values that truly reflect the company’s philosophy.



we recognize the value of our people and continually strive to develop human resources. We recruit knowledgeable and highly skilled professionals while providing opportunities in training and self – development.


BLT Engineering Solutions firm commitment to deliver quality projects and services have resulted in the company’s acceptance as one of the leading engineering and design firms. Our well-defined understanding of client specifications and their requirement for a timely delivery, has served as the principal foundation for our acceptance in multidisciplinary sectors.


Over the years, we have gained a reputation for integrity and trust from our customers. Our commitment and drive for success has built a solid base of satisfied customers who continue to use our services time and again. BLT’s integrity speaks for itself through its success of past projects thus ensuing future opportunities.

Adaptability & Flexibility

Understanding our clients has given us the opportunity to adopt various engineering requirements to meet project demand. This includes the flexibility to adjust Design specifications when necessary. All of our projects are custom built and tailored to meet specific requirements; this adaptability and flexibility are key factors that have encouraged our clients to return to BLT Engineering Solutions for their most important projects.

Continuous Training

At BLT Engineering Solutions, learning is on-going. We believe in integrating the latest in design and engineering technology to ensure that our projects are not compromised by disruptions or obsolescence. Our professional networking skills provide the backbone support necessary to move us forward as an efficient company.

Client Satisfaction

Our work is never complete without the final approval from our clients. Design and engineering work is processed through stringent quality control measures and only after tedious inspection and tests is the project handed over to the client. We are committed to our clients’ approval and our work is not complete until all specifications have been met.

Supernatural Vision

Uncanny imagination that out-lives the intensions and expectations of BLT Engineering Solutions.